Time Out New York says...  

"We knew Opera Moderne was a bold upstart company, but we had no idea its range extended to cheeky musical burlesque with aerialists. We can't give you a lot of details about this 60-minute collaboration featuring the lovely artisans of Hot Box Burlesque, an all-singing,  all-dancing and TONY-approved institution, but if you've got an urge to explore, the price can't be beat."

Jessica DoRight (Vienna & NYC)

Sean D'Leer (Vienna & NYC)

Mae Mahoney (Vienna & NYC)

Roxy Voxx (Vienna)

Gwenny Good-n-Plenty (Vienna)

Sirena de La Noche (Vienna)

Fanny van Dans (Vienna)

Cloe de Lion (Vienna)

NEXT OPERA SHOW:  Saturday 14. Mar., 2020  20 Uhr

Ateliertheater - Burggasse 71 - 1070 Vienna, Austria - TICKETS

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